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Large Pennsylvania Bank
Bank had a credit that was troubled.  There was a partner bank involved as well.  Worked with the bank to avoid what seemed to be an inevitable foreclosure.  After a few years of work to keep on top of the situation, the bank was able to help the credit acquire an SBA loan so the business could be passed on to the next generation.
Expert Horticultural Valuation Clients
​The clients we work with are professionals in several ways.  Banks, Farm Credit Agencies, Assessors, Law Firms, Farms that have experienced damage that needs to be adjusted, Corporations to assess damages, Insurance Companies and other groups for whom the value of horticultural stock is hard to define
Major Farm Credit Agency in Michigan
This client had several troubled loans.  They needed valuations. In one case I assisted them in finding a qualified receiver to liquidate the stock on the ground.  There was also a large Christmas tree farm that required valuation.  This is a steady client.
Bank in North Carolina
Credit was unwilling to be straightforward with the bank.  This required intervention and clear thinking. There was a necessary appearance as an expert witness in court to restructure the loan to fit the collateral properly.  Since that time there have been repeated returns to value this nursery.
Other Projects of note

Valuation of a Liner Nursery business in Oregon for Eventual Transfer to the next generation
Valuation of a Nursery enterprise in Idaho for sale to a son
Valuation of nursery stock in Florida in a marriage dissolution
Valuation as consultant in the successful sale of a nursery in southern Illinois
Valuation and eventual sale of a floriculture enterprise in Texas
Valuation of a Rose Production inventory in Texas at a large nursery to secure new financing 
Business Valuation for a premium Ornamental Grower in Oregon
Full Business Valuation for a Large Colorado Nursery Group
Business Valuation of a Large Ohio Nursery for Transfer to New Owners
Several Valuation of Nursery Inventories for Marriage Dissolution Cases in IL, IN, FL and others
Valuation and Succession Plan for Garden Center in Northern WI
Valuation of a Greenhouse Operation for Dissolution of Partnership in Washington
Creating an Inventory for a Major Nursery and Landscape Operation in Maryland
Valuation of Inventory in Ground to Settle an Estate in Division Massachusetts 
Valuation of a Perennial Grower in New Hampshire
Valuation of a Garden Center, Nursery and Hospitality Operation in New Jersey
Valuation of a Tile and Flooring Importing and Sales center
Litigation Support in a Spray Drift Lawsuit (Peach Orchard)