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This is a sale of a nursery that we were instrumental in orchestrating.  We know HOW to find willing and able buyers for Nurseries

Anna Nursery acquired by Schwope Brothers' Tree Farms

The 400-acre Illinois nursery will now be known as Anna Evergreen and add to Schwope's 1,000 acres of production.
June 20, 2016
Industry News

Tory Schwope, the CEO of Schwope Brothers Tree Farms, has announced the acquisition of historic Anna Nursery. Returning to operate the almost century-old, 400-acre nursery located in Cobden, Illinois is Jason Tabor, who for the last three years has worked for Southern Illinois University. 

“We are excited to acquire Anna Nursery and its wealth of history, products, and community involvement,” Schwope said. “Anna Nursery was a strategic opportunity for my companies to grow in the evergreen space and to expand our service to our current and new customers. We are proud to bring back longtime general manager Jason Tabor to help us to give the nursery a new lease on life as Anna Evergreen. We are proud to have the opportunity and challenge to own and operate the new Anna Evergreen for the next century.”

Anna Nursery was a longtime member of the southern Illinois community, providing high quality nursery stock for the last 90 years and committed to practicing sustainable agriculture. Moving forward under the new name Anna Evergreen, Schwope Brothers’ Tree Farms is proud to continue those traditions.

Established in 1976, Schwope Brothers' Tree Farms has a rich history of growing high quality trees and plants in the midwest. With over 1,000 acres in nursery stock production, Schwope Brothers is one of the largest producers in the region. With Anna Evergreen, Schwope now expands its offering of evergreen products and indicates plans to further grow in the nursery industry.

This move is the latest of several recent acquisitions by Tory Schwope, CEO of Schwope Brothers and KAT Wholesale Outdoor. Over the last 15 months, he has acquired Cripple Creek Nursery Co., Colonial Nursery, and Anna Nursery in addition to operating Schwope Brothers' Tree Farms as well as KAT Wholesale Outdoor.​

UPDATED ARTICLE http://www.nurserymag.com/article/conquer-the-storm/

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Gene was able to sort out a complected situation with a client that was unable and unwilling to come to the table.  He helped us find solid ground. Bank in TX

Gene was able to help us secure financing for expansion of our nursery to twice it's size by doing a high quality valuation.  Rose Grower  

Brought our troubled credit in for a landing when it seemed we had no way out.  FCS Michigan

Helped our company get on solid ground when we lost land.  Liquidation and aggressive marketing help added to the valuation work he did.  IL Nursery