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Inventory Valuation
  IF you need  an appraisal or  evaluation of inventories, value of your nursery business or if you are a financial institution concerned about your collateral. Call or Email and we can discuss your need​s.  It's our core skill set.
Expert Services
The unique combination of a long deep horticultural background and decades of corporate financial analysis background means that you not only get someone with expertise in Horticulture, you have someone who knows the business of Horticulture, the market and the current economic landscape.  I know the business of business.  More important I know the value of the Nursery Business.
Mediation is a specialty designed to fit your needs.  Degrees in both botany and horticulture with post graduate work and decades of experience in commercial horticulture from both production and marketing perspectives make us uniquely qualified to help you settle lawsuits and disagreements.  Experience in corporate America and in Europe and Asia  making deals that work means you are in good hands. 
Legal and Technical Support
Expert assessment in the areas of horticulture to the legal community for the last several years I have been retained to testify or arbitrate disputes regarding plant materials, valuation, plant health, plant suitability, and plant quality .  Chemical damage, physical damage, Insurance Damages.
 SELLING YOUR BUSINESS , We provide Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services
After valuation or appraisal services, often called upon to successfully sell or market whole nursery inventories or enterprise.  If you have a nursery you want to sell or inventory needing to be liquidated, I can help.  We develop financial models to sell companies, buy companies, prepare a company for sale and support essential business decisions. Creating analytical sales documents that institutions such as banks use to vet new clients and buyers use to make better deals.
​As a nursery owner you want to know what your business is worth by developing a legal defensible valuation for you.  The nursery business is unique because of the various states of a large pending inventory. Since most nursery values are established are focused on cash flow, the inventory component is left behind many times.   In events of death, divorce, division, or disposal of a nursery business, you have to know what it's real value is to reach a fair outcome. 

  Business valuation results are dependent on the nature of value to be determined, and independence in mind and practice of the actual valuator. Gift and estate valuations use the fair market value (described in Revenue Ruling 59-60), while divorce and other valuations use different measures of value, often referred to as fair value. 

When using the term "fair value" it is important to understand what definition of fair value is necessary. Marital fair value is defined differently in different states, and in/for different types of courts. Fair value for shareholder disputes is defined differently depending on the argument(s). 
We work with attorneys and accountant/tax preparer to identify the correct measure of value (fair value, fair market value, etc. [there are many others]). We then develop the resulting value. The effective valuation date and time also impact the result as businesses often have good years, bad years, good press and bad press, all of which may impact value. COVID-19 lockdown government policies, one time catastrophes like weather and fire and inflation are examples of things that need to be taken into consideration during a business valuation.

  Our Fees::

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We can quote you a flat rate all expense included but it will must be quoted higher if we take all the risk.

In the last year valuations ranged from a  simple local project ($3500) to a complex complete inventory valuation and execution (including testimony in court) ($30,000).  It included multiple visits to the site and courtroom testimony.

IF we get into a project and realize it is not going to be accomplished at an expected fee we cannot be held to a change in assignment during the process.

 Note, every photo on this site is from one of the projects we have done in the last 20 years